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This project aims to contribute sophisticated CSS authoring functionality to the Eclipse Platform. It implements an editor that provides enhanced support for editing CSS source files, with features like:


An important goal of this project is to not only provide an editor for editing "standalone" CSS, but also reusable building blocks for integrating CSS editing support into editors for languages like HTML and XHTML, which allow embedded CSS rules. It is not the goal of this project to build some kind of WYSIWYG authoring support for CSS (at least currently).

This project targets release 3.0 of the Eclipse platform, which as of this writing is not yet released as a stable version. Milestones are available from the Eclipse.org site


The initial source has been imported into CVS on Dec 14th, 2003. There are plenty of bugs to fix and features to implement more properly. But most of the features outlined above are available and are going to be improved in the next couple of weeks/months. Binary releases will be made available regularly.

Contributors welcome! Don't hesitate to send patches to the devel mailing list.